EPS S.p.A. is a member of the Eurovo Group, which operates a comprehensive, vertically integrated production system: this means that every stage of production, from production of feed to the raising of the hens and the packaging of the eggs and egg products, takes place in the installations of the egg company under the strictest control by qualified personnel.

The strength of Eurovo is in the transparency of its production processes: a strength that enables us to offer products of the highest quality, guaranteed from chick to finished product.

The story of Eurovo begins with the adventure of Rainieri Lionello, an entrepreneur from the Veneto region who in the mid-20th century decided to open an egg processing business.

Lionello opened an egg processing plant in Codevigo in the province of Padua, where the eggs were manually shelled before being frozen.
These early egg products were directed at the bakery and pasta-making sectors.
Today, with farms up and down Italy, the Eurovo Group produces millions of eggs. Find out more at