Production Sequence

Every stage in our production sequence, from chick to packaged product, is closely controlled


At our feed production plants we make balanced, nourishing foodstuffs that are specially formulated for the different ages of our hens.

Every phase in the production of our hen feed is closely controlled by our laboratories, starting with the raw ingredients (wheat, soya, sorghum and sunflower) delivered to our production plants. These ingredients are stored in dedicated silos before milling.

The different ingredients are then mixed and enriched with mineral salts and vitamins. The feed is then sent to our hen farms in the company’s own trucks, to ensure that food safety requirements are observed during transport.


We take care of our chicks from the moment they hatch, and every day of their lives. Our veterinary staff conduct daily checks on the health of our animals; and we’re careful to make sure that environmental conditions (air, water, humidity) are perfect for the animals’ well-being.


Eggs destined for shelling are stored in our warehouse. Every pallet of eggs is assigned a code which enables every egg to be traced back to its origins, even after its transformation into powder.

After removal of the shell via a mechanical shelling system, egg and yolk - combined or separate - are consigned to refrigerated storage tanks. Next stage is pasteurization, followed by transformation into powder. This process comprises three stages: concentration, evaporation and pulverization
The powdered egg products are then packed in bags and boxes of 1, 5, 10 and 25 kg.